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Flagg RV - Your Favorite Massachusetts RV Dealer

Huge Variety, Selection & Convenience for Your Shopping Pleasure

The pride of Flagg RV stems from the fact of being a Family owned and operated business dominating the RV industry for over 30 years. The Flagg RV family has had the opportunity to serve the community and expand its dealership to becoming one of the premier RV sales and service providers in the states of New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. Having a valued new and used RV inventory of close to 15 million in new and pre-owned inventory, this provides the opportunity to Flagg to be able to sell our product at an affordable discounted price. Visit either of our locations, and you will find many of the Top RV Manufacturers in the Industry.

Volume Buying = Great Pricing

As an experienced leader in the RV Industry, Flagg RVs purchasing power allows for one-of-a-kind pricing for our customers through the practice of buying in volume. This is just one of the many aspects of the Flagg RV family business philosophy that separates us from the competition.

Fantastic Service, Great Selection, Customer Satisfaction

Nowhere will customers find a staff more dedicated to these basic principles than at Flagg RV. We're proud to speak of the 91% repeat business rate average over the last 10 years. Just ask one of our past satisfied buyers. Customers feel comfortable as soon as they step on the property because of the friendly, family atmosphere whether they're looking to buy or need service done on their unit. The Flagg RV family strives to ensure that all of our customers leave happy and we know we cannot do that without building a relationship of honesty and integrity as a dealership. The Flagg RV work ethic, patience with customers, and commitment to great service is what has built the trust and respect for Flagg RV. For what's best for your family in RVing come see our family you'll be glad you did. And be sure to  contact us for all of the details! 

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Flagg RV 66 West Boylston St. W Boylston, MA 01583 800-678-9278
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