Rockwood Geo Pro Trailer Review: 3 Reasons To Buy

If you are looking for a new, exciting camper look no further than the Rockwood Geo Pro Travel Trailer for sale.  This new approach to your trusty travel trailer may be just what you need to up your camping game.  While the ammenities are endless in this trailer, we have listed 3 reasons to buy a new Geo Pro travel trailer that make it worth considering.

Geo Pro Exterior - Flagg


Reason #1 – The Environment

You already reduce, reuse and recycle.  You bought the smaller, environmentally friendly more fuel efficient “crossover” vehicle or smaller SUV.  The question is, how do you get a camper that works with your environmentally conscious lifestyle?  The Rockwood Geo Pro Travel Trailer is a perfect solution.  With floor plans and sizes that can be pulled by your eco friendly vehicle, the Geo Pro is a modern and fun way to support the enviroment and enjoy camping.

Rockwood Geo Pro Interior 1
You don’t have to sacrifice any amenities in this camper!

Reason #2 – Modern Touches

Just because you are camping, doesn’t mean you have to live in throw back faux wood paneling!  The Geo Pro great modern touches such as the two tone fiberglass exterior, LED exterior lights, available roof mount flexible solar panel system, and distinctive décors with Euro style cabinets.

Rockwood Geo Pro Interior 2
Everything you need to be comfortable & cozy!

Reason #3 – The Little Extras

There are a few great surprises in the Geo Pro.  If you love outdoor activities, you will appreciate these extras on the exterior:

  • Pro Rac mounting bars,
  • Pro Rac Kayak, Bike, Tie Downs
  • Tongue Mount Bike Rack
  • 15” Mud Rovial Tires

Not to worry!  They have added some fun features inside also.  There is a toasty heated mattress for those chilly nights.  The kitchen has everything you need including:

  • Recessed Cooktop W/ Flush Mount Cover
  • Microwave Oven
  • Auto Gas/Elec. Refrigerator
  • Water Heater w/ Interior Gas and Electric Switches

Extras such as the AM/FM Stereo w/ Bluetooth and USB and Wifi Ranger with Wifi Booster will help keep the fun going.

The Next Step

If you like the sound of this new camper, it’s time to check out the Rockwood Geo Pro travel trailer for yourself.  Contact us at Flagg RV and our dedicated team will share their knowledge to make sure you get the best camping experience possible.  We can’t wait to pair you up with your perfect camper!

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