RV Meal Tips to Save You Time and Money!

Planning a vacation in your new or used RV can be both exhilarating and exhausting! You may know exactly where you want to go, the campgrounds you want to stay, and the things you want to see along the way, and budget for each of those things. But meal time can present its own challenge, and it’s easy to overspend your budget by eating out more than you’d intended. Here are some helpful RV meal tips so help you make the most of what your RV has to offer and save money at the same time.

RV Meal Tips

Plan Your Meals in Advance

This is easier than you might think! A week’s worth of dinner plans might consist of three meals made in your RV, a couple of nights of leftovers, and eating out for two nights. Make a list of meals you enjoy at home, especially meals that are easily prepared. If you can coordinate your meals in order to buy ingredients efficiently, that’s another way to save money. If multiple meals need a particular ingredient, like chicken breasts, buy enough for all of the meals, and divide it at home.

Stock the Pantry

Many RVs feature a spacious pantry in the kitchen! Don’t let this space go to waste. Stock it with your dry goods, spices, soup mixes, pantry staples, seasonings, instant potatoes, and boxed rice or pasta. Essential canned goods from vegetables to canned soups are perfect to have on hand to complement your lunches.

RV Meal Tips


Help Your Future Self Out

After dividing up your bulk ingredients at home, like those chicken breasts, mix up the different recipes requiring them and place in either gallon size storage bags or other storage containers, then freeze. Freeze storage bags flat to save precious freezer space.  Preassembly goes a long way, and keeping your prepped meals in the fridge, cooler, or freezer is a great way to have dinner prepped and almost ready to go – simply pull out, throw in the oven or on the grill, and pocket the savings that you might have otherwise spent on eating out!

RV Meal Tips

With a little bit of forethought and planning, meals don’t have to be a total hassle while on the road. They should be an enjoyable feature of your vacations in your new or used RV. Why not contact us today? We can help you find the perfect RV for your family, and one that has exactly the kitchen and pantry you need to make your meals fast, easy, and enjoyable while on vacation! Which of these RV meal tips did you find most helpful? Share some of your favorite RV meal tips in the comments!

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