Winnebago Travato Motorhome With Pure3 Review

Are you ever struck by a beautiful scene on your travels and wish you could just stop and camp right there?  Now you can!  The Winnebago Travato motorhome with Pure3  is the perfect camper for those that truly appreciate not only how they camp but WHERE they camp.  Let’s explore the benefits of the self-sufficient Travato and it’s ingenious Pure3 Energy system powered by Volta.


What is Pure3 Energy you ask?  This system ­­is the most powerful, durable, and easy-to-use lithium system in the industry.  All you have to do to recharge the power is turn on your Travato!  The Pure3 Energy Management System has three sources to power your Travato.  When you aren’t connected to shore power, the 200-watt MPPT solar controller, the 58-volt alternator (or underhood generator), and the three-module automotive-grade energy pack provide you with power to take your morning shower and brew your coffee and even run the microwave.  (No matter how great the scenery is, mornings are always better with a shower and coffee!)  The power is controlled in a conveniently located control panel above the counter near the side door.  (This is also where you can see how much power you have used.)  Enjoy the freedom of a generator without the bulky generator!

All you have to remember is these four simple ways to recharge:

  • Driving (fastest option)
  • Idling
  • Solar
  • Shore power
Travato Pure 3
The power of a generator without the bulk!

The name of the game is convenience in this great motorhome.  Not only can you camp where you want, but you will be comfortable wherever you are.  There is everything you need in a compact kitchen to eat or grab a quick snack.  There is a bathroom that has a sink, shower and toilet.  And when it’s time to recharge YOUR batteries, you will enjoy the comfort of the FROLI® deluxe sleep system.  The bike rack and roof rack provide all the storage you need and the beautiful canopy the coverage to enjoy every bit of the great outdoors.

Flagg RV Travato
All the fun & convenience you need!

No matter what kind of traveling you plan on doing, the Winnebago Travato Motorhome will provide you will the most comfort & convenience of any Class B motorhome on the road.  Come on in to check out the Travato 59GL with the Pure3 Energy System.  We can’t wait to see you and show you how easy it is to have Pure3 energy on the road!

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